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About Us

Who is Victory Tackleworks?

We’re tinkerers, designers, makers… pair that with being fishermen you end up with unique baits created out of the same type of frustrations you face. We want custom quality baits – unique patterns & top notch construction – available on a quick timeline so we can have them to fish this weekend and win.

We have a strong appreciation for quality products built here in the USA, so we keep our manufacturing here. Lead and plastic is poured here. Packaging is printed here. Skirts are handtied or banded here. This model helps us ensure production stays in the USA and we offer the same type of baits we would purchase for ourselves.   

Victory Tackleworks is a wholly owned brand of Hydra Fishing, LLC. Hydra also owns and produces ALX Rods – a name synonymous with top quality fishing rods backed by incredible customer service. We have been in the fishing manufacturing business over 10 years and do it full time.

Where does our name come from?

What do competitive bass fishermen want? Even if the sacks aren’t big, or a 5 fish stringer is impossible… they still want to have the most fish that day. The fish that put them on the podium. The fish that win. They want Victory.

We had played with different names related to what we wanted to accomplish with our new bait company. We knew we wanted it to be different like the baits we planned to create. We couldn’t quite hit on the right name. We wanted something that was touched universally on what we wanted, on what tournament fishermen wanted. One day we were driving in a small town in South Carolina and saw a World War II “V for Victory” memorial… and there it was. Exactly what we wanted.. brought to us by a bit of history that touched on the one thing that mattered most at a pivotal time in the USA… Victory.